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History Makers is a youth organization, that unites young people from different denominations, countries and walks of life with different opinions. Our actions are based on core christian values. History Makers started out as a small prayer camp, but now is a youth movement. Our mission is to INSPIRE, EQUIP, and ENGAGE the youth. We wish to awaken a love toward Christ and His church, renew the fire to become witnesses and restore unity between Christians.

Today, this organization influences more than 2,000 youth a year by annually organizing different events. History Makers cooperates with churches in Latvia and other youth organizations to help the youth and churches see positive changes in Latvia. We ask ourselves one simple question - how can we influence this generation? Maybe we don’t have the experience, support or wisdom regarding these things, but our hearts are definitely burning for the youth! We want to be HISTORY MAKERS!


Our organization has been operating 

for more than 10 years. In these years,

we have experienced unforgettable moments and many changes!

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First Camp

During the summer an idea was born, a youth prayer camp and given the name ‘’History Makers’’ after the song by the group ‘’Delirious’’. By November, the first History Makers camp took place.



School of Worship

In Spring of 2010, History Makers organized the first School of Worship - several days together with music and God, learning about praise and worship and how to effectively use your gifts for God's Kingdom.


HM UNITED begins

At the beginning of the year, together with youth leaders from Russian speaking churches, an idea to make a combined annual youth camp called UNITED. That summer, over 300 youth came from all of Latvia and other countries. 

​After UNITED, we wanted to reach the people where they are, so we started the EVENING project. First EVENING happened in Rīga, then soon after in Kuldīga and Liepāja. ​



The year began with a small winter camp. During the year, EVENINGs were organized in Ogre, Ventspils, Jelgava and Daugavpils.


UNITED - ‘’’MADE TO GO’’ was a big surprise, because a new tent was able to gather up to 500 people.


Start of Conferences

Due to attendance, the winter camp was replaced by a yearly conference. The first year was free, allowing many young people to come together, learn more about God, be in fellowship and worship Jesus in unity. The theme was "INSPIRE | IGNITE | IMPACT".

EVENINGS that year were held in Talsi, Cēsis and Bauska and for the first time we went outside the Latvian borders to Kaunas, Lithuania.


Year of changes

Besides annual events during this year we organized the first volunteer training project, the first Christmas concert in Riga. Also a worship school project for 4 weekends took place.

With a few years of experience, we wanted to make some changes in the organization structure and the way of doing things. We decided to focus more on how we organize things and growing and training our team.


Work Continues

The second volunteer training project was held which focused on training videographers to help in their local churches. Around Christmas time 2 Christmas concerts took place - in Rīga and Liepāja.


Change of venues

After many years of praying, the venues were changed. The conference and UNITED were moved to places that better suited our needs. There were EVENINGS in Dobele and Jelgava. Christmas concerts were in Rīga and Cēsis.

For the first time, there was a missions project in which young people from Latvia united with young people from the USA. In 7 days, 3 different cities were touched by the gospel.


The biggest encouragement after events is hearing stories about what God has done

in their lives – it gives strength to continue the work that has started! Here you can read a little part of what the youth have experienced through History Makers!

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From an early age, I had an allergy on my hands, the palms were full of rashes and in places I even had raw skin. I had been to many doctors, but none could really clarify why I had this problem. One of them told me I had an allergy from sweets and finding that out as a kid was hard. Time passed and my palms were really hurting and itching, I couldn’t live to the fullest. During the camp my palms were still allergenic, but upon arriving back I couldn’t believe it, because right in front of my eyes my palms were healed and have recovered.

Nometnes dalībnieks

During the camp, God touched me so powerfully and came into my heart. I met Him personally and in Him I found what I had been searching for all my life.  He filled my emptiness with His love, forgave all my sins, revived me, changed my thinking, my purpose of life. I recommend everyone to go to this camp, because there you will meet Jesus!

- Juliāna

I received much wisdom and power for upcoming obstacles. I am ever more sure that my view on closeness only after marriage is the true way, and lectures helped and strengthened me. There was a wonderful atmosphere and people. History Makers was a huge support for my road to God.  

- Participant of the camp

Unbelievable, but during just 5 days, God fixed that, what was broken for many years. He gave me new hope, new strength and hugged me so tight, that all the broken pieces of my heart stuck back together. I know my God and I know, that He knows me. I know, that He has called me for big things. And there is no better feeling in the world than that.

- Monta

Before the camp, I used to fight, drink a lot, listen to depressive music, smoked weed and attended every party. Back then it used to be cool and stylish. In the camp the pastor started to speak about a hero in the Bible – the woman Tamar. I had a feeling as if the pastor was talking about me! And God touched me. During the camp I met God, who loves you even then, when you’ve made some trouble. Since then, some time has passed and my life has changed by 180 degrees.

- Inga

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You too have the chance to be a part of History Makers!

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History Makers ministry is voluntary – we serve because our hearts are burning about God and the youth. We wish to see saved and changed lives, but for that to happen, a lot of work needs to be invested.


We understand that in this economical state many young people have a little income. If we want to serve everyone, the participation cost has to be as low as possible. We’ve been trying to keep that in mind and we’ve believed that, doing what God says, He will put the need to support us financially in people's hearts, so that we can carry out our ministry.

In all the events there are different expenses – cost for fuel, space, kitchen team, technology rent, decorations and many other things. In the conference and camp a part of the expenses are gathered, the rest has to be covered by the voluntary donations of people. The History Makers ministry is not possible without voluntary donations and volunteer work. If you too have the desire to support this ministry – we will be very grateful.


We’ll be happy about a one time assistance, but we will also be very happy about the choice to send some financial support every month.


Our bank account information:

Name: Biedrība History Makers

Registration Nr. 40008223319

Bank: AS Swedbank

Bank code, BIC/SWIFT code: HABALV22

Account Nr.: LV85HABA0551038310965

Reason for payment: Offering

Legal address: Biķernieku iela 53-31, Rīga, LV-1039

Contact us

Biķernieku iela 53-31, Rīga, Latvija  /  +371 28340843

Paldies, ziņa ir nosūtīta.

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