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History Makers heart is to inspire young people

to follow God and know Him more. Through these events, every year we try to encourage young people in their everyday life and walk with God.

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Every January there is a History Makers youth conference. The purpose is to inspire young people to love Jesus. It’s so wonderful to start the year worshiping God with hundreds of youth!


Every summer there is a youth camp, UNITED. It is one of the last things to do before the new school season starts with a great opportunity for youth from different churches and denominations to be united in praising God.


One night in God’s presence - to praise Jesus, listen to God’s Word and pray for one another. We desire that youth would be inspired to be true history makers.  


Every year we have a Christmas concert to bring joy to many while creating a Christmas atmosphere that focuses on Jesus Christ - the One who brings salvation for all people!

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