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Program for showing

song lyrics on the projector 


Often a computer projector is used to help the church worship God. For it to work, a suitable program for showing words is required. We use the free of charge program EasySlides, that can be found on This program offers a wide arrange of opportunities to show words from songs and Bible verses on a screen with the help of projector.


With the program it is possible to create your own background for the songs, add colors, photos, video backgrounds or a live stream from a camera. Also, there’s a possibility to show Bible verses and different messages. This program offers many more possibilities, that will please not only the simple user.


Follow these steps:

  1. Download and run the file Microsoft .NET Framework.

  2. Download and run the file EasiSlidesSetup4_404.msi

  3. Pievieno Latvian language Bible.

  4. Add the ready song database.

  5. Download the tutorial so it's easier to use the program.

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